Should You Ditch Curtains For Roller Blinds?

If you’re a new homeowner, don’t get curtains. They can be quite disadvantageous, making roller blinds the better option. If you’re not convinced, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know. So, keep reading for a run down on the pros and cons of having them installed in your home.


Block Out Light

If you like your privacy, curtains are the best option as they completely block vision into the room. Depending on the fabric it’s made of, its opaqueness will vary. Hence, fabrics that are very thick provide upmost privacy.

As mentioned, they come in a range of fabrics, each having different thicknesses. If you desire a room that allows some light in while still maintaining privacy, you can get curtains that are made from fabrics that are light.

Ample Insulation

Curtains come in various lengths. Most of the time, they drop to the floor. Because of this large size, their great for insulation purposes.

If money is tight having thick curtains would help you maintain the temperature of the room you’re in. During summer, the fabric would not let the harsh heat into the room. When it’s winter, heat won’t be able to escape as the curtains would act as a barrier.

You Have Many Designs

Unlike blinds, curtains come in a myriad of designs. Essentially, curtains are sheets of fabric attached to a pole. So, they can have various patterns sewn onto it.

Depending on the look of the room, you can have curtains with specific designs to match its feel.

As mentioned, they’re just fabric on a sheet. Therefore, you can create your own by purchasing fabric and attaching it to the pole. If you’re a good sewer, you can add any design you want on it, customizing it to your liking.


It’s Expensive

If you aren’t aware, curtains are very expensive. This is as the fabric doesn’t come cheap, and it’s a tiresome task sewing patterns onto it. Hence, you’ll be paying quite a bit for a set.

You may think making curtains of your own would be cheaper- they are, but the amount you’ll spend to purchase the fabric alone is still high in comparison to getting roller blinds installed. Moreover, you need to be skilled to sew onto it as it’s not an easy job.

Horrible Maintenance

If you’re a busy individual, having curtains isn’t the best choice for you. They’re known to accumulate large quantities of dust so you’ll need to clean them regularly. Moreover, most curtains are quite long, making it easily accessible to kids. As you can imagine, they could smear all sorts of muck on it.

The task of cleaning curtains isn’t easy. It’ll take a while to detach them from the pole, then laundry them with specific detergents. It’s bothersome compared to wiping a roller blind down with a rag.

It’s Not Modern

Roller blinds offer a chic look as it’s compact, measured exactly for a window. Moreover, its material is matte which provides a modern look.

No matter the design or colour of the curtain, it won’t provide as chic of a look as its counterpart. So, if you’re looking for a modern home you’ll need to search for roller blinds for sale instead.

Safety Hazard

The cord of roller blinds are adjustable, so it will be out of your kid’s reach. Unfortunately, most curtains drop to the floor, letting kids get entangled in them. This is hazardous as they could suffocate or get strangled.

Hopefully, you found the mentioned information useful, utilizing its points to make a decision.

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