Small Changes You Can Make in Your Grandparents’ Home to Make It More Comfortable for Them

Like children, grandparents are a gift. You never know what you’d miss out on if you’ve never had to grow up around grandparents. And like children, there comes a point in their life when you have to pay special attention to them and their needs. If they’ve reached this age, here are a few small changes you can make in their home so it’s more comfortable and suitable for them…

Get Wi-Fi For Their Home to Make Communication Easier on Them

Unless they are well versed in the new age electronics and gadgets, chances are that your grandparents are not so into getting Wi-Fi for their home. However, having Wi-Fi will not only make it for them to communicate with the outside world, but also give you a chance to take care of their needs better. Remember that they are not going to be using the Wi-Fi much, so a simple plan should work well enough.

Install Solar Hot Water

Even if your grandparents are used to taking a shower in cold water all these years, as the years pass, this will be harder on them; and they may not have even noticed. And while instant heaters can do just a good job for a cheaper price, in the long run, solar water heaters are much better for the environment, as well as their utility bill! Contact Point Cook plumbing services and finder plumber that also installs solar heaters. They’ll handle the rest!

Change Out All Their Rugs for Slip Free Mats

Cold floors can be hard on their aging feet, so rugs and area mats are an excellent option. However, with age, their feet lose their grip, and their eyesight is no longer what it used to be; making them more prone to slipping and tripping. This is especially true if they’re diabetic, or if they’ve had a stroke. Changing these mats into slip free mats can make a huge difference. More importantly, you will also have to install slip free mats to the shower areas to ensure they are safe while they shower.

Install Grab Bars Throughout the House; Especially in The Bathrooms

With age, our bones are less strong, and less inclined to want to cooperate when we want to move around. This means simple tasks like using the bathroom on their own can take more effort. However, offering to “help them” use the bathroom is not really an option. This cuts into their self-esteem and also makes them feel stifled within their own home. Therefore, the best solution here is to install grab bars through the house. These bars not only serve as a support when they have to sit or stand, they are also great as a precaution; helping your grandparents grab on to something when they loose their footing.

Arrange Their Furniture So It’s More Wheelchair Friendly

If your grandparents are now wheelchair bound, or has to use a walker occasionally, the furniture as they used to have it for years may not actually work anymore. Make the “walkways” broader; keeping plenty of space for the wheelchair to navigate through. It’s also best if you reduce the amount of clutter in the pathways, so that they’re banging on to lesser things as they maneuver around their home…

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