How to Accessorize Your Living Room

We all go through that phase of just needing change- you’re sick of walking through that front door only to be met with the same sorry sight each day. This is a sure sign that you’ve outgrown your space and you need to spice things up! Here are our top tips on how to liven up and accessorize your living room and make this space feel brand new again!


Nothing adds more colour to your room and livens it up than adding some fresh flowers. If you don’t want to opt for freshly cut flowers, which can get a bit tiresome to keep replacing, you can invest in a potted plant or better yet- make a beautiful terrarium to display. Not only are these remarkably eye-catching, they’re simple to make and low budget too.


Never underestimate how much changing up the colours of a room can do for a space. If you have a neutral-looking room, create a focal point by adding in one dramatic and bold pop of colour somewhere! Focus on a feature wall so you know what will be your focal point and work around it. You don’t want a whirlwind of colour but you want just enough to liven up your space. Get your impeccable paint job seen to here.

Complementary pieces

You don’t have to replace everything in your room to make it appealing again. Sometimes you just need the right complementary pieces. If you have a more neutral setup- colours like beige, white, grey etc.- then you can invest in more patterned décor to add more oomph to the space. Think in terms of patterns, textures and styles that will match what you have and enhance it before you buy new sets of everything altogether.


If you didn’t have a mirror hung up before, this is definitely something you have to invest in. Mirrors are famous for their illusion of giving a room more space. They also tend to reflect light and make the room much brighter as well! Not to mention, it also helps your walls look far less bland than before. Make sure you pick out something with character but also fits in well with the current style of the room.


The great thing about having a book cupboard is that it instantly makes your space appear much more sophisticated. Sometimes you don’t even need a cupboard! For any little nook that looks bare, fill it up with a stack of old books or place a few second hand books on your coffee table.


Switching up your curtains can make a remarkable difference around the house. The colours and textures you chose years ago might be outdated and could be what’s preventing your house from looking more modern and elegant so make sure to go shopping for new curtains that will either add more vibrancy to your space or make it more calming.

These are the best ways to accessorize your room in a way that will liven it up with colour and life! Give it a shot!

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