Pros And Cons Of The Different Type Of Pool Filters

If you are planning to have a swimming pool built in your backyard, you have to be prepared for the commitment of keeping it clean. Otherwise no one would swim on it and it would just be a breeding ground for insects and or wild animals if left neglected.

One of the things you need to consider is the pool filter. There are three major types of pool filters that you could choose from. The sand filter, the cartridge pool filter and the DE pool filter. A swimming pool filter system’s main job is to keep your swimming pool clear and clean. These filters act as a sieve or a strainer to keep dirt and bacteria from contaminating your swimming pool. Now that the main purpose of a pool filter is clear, choosing the system that best does this purpose would be easier.

Sand Filter

Pros: Sand filters are called as such because a layer of fine sand filters the dirty water before it flows back to the pool. This type of pool filter is also considered to be high quality filters since it is able to purify small and large debris of dirt from the water since the dirt goes through a fine layer of sand. Hair, leaves and dead insects are sorted out. Even small contaminants such as phosphates and algae are strained. This is also the preferred filter by most swimming pool owners since it is compact and affordable. For more information about sand filters, visit

Cons: There is a possibility of “blow back” meaning sand that is supposed to act as filter is being rinsed back to the swimming pool. When blow back happens, the culprit might be a malfunctioning lateral or pipe. Another cause might be the sand filter is overfilled with sand after it was changed.

Cartridge Pool Filter

Pros: Cartridge pool filters are used for swimming pools with space for 30,000 gallons of water. Compared to the sand filter, cartridge pool filter uses corrugated paper or polyester cloth. The cleaning cartridge pool filter is easier since the cartridge just needs to be removed. No need for backwashing that could affect your water balance.

Pros: Chemicals present in sunscreen and suntan lotions, hair care products and deodorants would affect the longevity of the filter. Before using the pool, ensure that everyone took a shower first to remove any traces of chemicals from these products.

DE Pool Filter

Pros: DE or diatomaceous earth is an effective filter choice for sifting through dirt and other debris in the swimming pool water. Even dirt particles that are not visible to the naked eye could be trapped within the DE pool filter.

Cons: A DE pool filter requires monthly backwashing. It also needs an annual or semiannual maintenance cleaning.

These three types of pool filters all have their respective advantages and disadvantages. As a swimming pool owner, it is best that you seek the help of professionals in determining which type of filter would best work for the size of your pool and the frequency of how much you would use it.

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