Why You Should Consider Polished Concrete Floors For Your Own Home

When you go out and paid a visit to a shopping mall, checked in to a five star hotel or did some business with a bank, you might have noticed that these establishments mostly have polished concrete floors. With its sleek design and functionality, it is not surprising that these businesses would choose and prefer to have their floors made out of polished concrete.

If you plan to do the same for your home, polished concrete floors look good on entry areas, living areas, entertaining areas, bathrooms and other wet areas. Not only are polished concrete floors aesthetically pleasing, there are numerous positive reasons why commercial and residential establishments opt for this floor design.

Polished Concrete Floors Are Easy To Clean

One of the reasons why polished concrete floors are popular is because it is easy to clean and maintained. Compare it to wooden floors that should not be wet lest the water stain would set and should be walked on carefully otherwise it would be scratched and scuffed. Compare it to carpeted floors that need to be constantly vacuumed. Compare it to ceramic tiled floor that is fragile especially since a tiny crack could be the start of the tile’s rupture. Unlike with polished concrete floors, the only consideration is that you should use mild cleaners to make sure that the finish would not be stripped off.

Polished Concrete Floors Are Recommended For Asthmatics And Allergies Prone

If you or any of your family members is asthmatic or are prone to allergies, polished concrete floors is a recommended choice. Carpeted floors are susceptible to dust mites. Grout lines of ceramic tiled floors conceal molds and mildew. But with a polished concrete floor, dust mites do not have any fabric fibers that they could cling to and no grout lines for molds to grow into.

Polished Concrete Floors Are Long-Lasting

Homeowners from all of brisbane appreciate the fact that polished concrete floors are long-lasting. No matter how heavy the foot traffic is, these concrete floors could bear it. Polished concrete floors are durable and are expected to last saving money for home and commercial building owners on replacing their floors after only a few years. This is the reason why you would often see warehouses with polished concrete floors.

Polished Concrete Floors Are Versatile

Polished concrete floors are versatile because there are numerous designs available and could be customized depending on your preference. You would not have a hard time finding a design that you like. These concrete floors could also be stained, dyed or stenciled to adhere to the design you prefer.

A floor that is easy to clean, safe for asthmatic and prone to allergies, durable and versatile is worth investing your money to because of the numerous benefits. The cost is also still economical especially if you prefer simple designs or plain colors.  They are also environmentally friendly since they do not require any dangerous chemical coatings, adhesives or strong cleaners. Polished concrete floors are also very effective in reflecting lights which could help make your home look brighter and cheerier.

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