Roof Maintenance Tips

You need to inspect your roof regularly to stay up to date about what it requires. You can check the roof every season or once a year so that you are aware of the repairs that it needs. Regular inspections will be able to prevent leakages and costly repairs.

There will be some wear and tear for the roof over time so you need to keep up on its maintenance to provide it with the best chances of weathering storms. If there is a repair or restoration required, you can find a local roof builder with a good track record to attend to it. You need to make sure that they provide a total cost for all repairs so that you know what you are going into before starting the restoration project. When it comes to roof shingles you need to check on them once a year. Most people think that it is only moisture and wind that contribute to roof damage but ultraviolet light can also damage the roof over time. You need to check on the installation of the shingles and check whether they are functioning properly.

When there are trees that are very close to the roof, the branches can damage the roof during winter season or when there is heavy wind. Branches can put stress on the roof structure or there can be heavy branches falling on the roof causing a lot of structural damage. So you need to trim any branches of the trees closest to the roof to prevent this damage from happening. A lot of us face problems with clogged gutters so this is an area you need to check regularly. When gutters become clogged, the rain will wash up instead of the rain water coming down. And when this occurs continuously, the roof will suffer damage. Therefore, you need to remove leaves and other debris that gets caught on the gutter so that the gutter can be free to carry water from the roof to the ground.

You need to have proper roof ventilation and insulation. If this is not taken care of, it will lead to an excess of moisture that will result in the rotting of roof members. If you have an attic, make sure that there are vents places to allow air to circulate properly. In addition to the increase of dampness, in hot months without proper ventilation, the hot air will collect and will make the house even hotter. The growth of moss on the roof is another thing you need to check. The reason that moss can damage the roof is that it will grow between shingles. If left without maintenance, the moss will bulk up under the shingles and actually lift the shingle away from the roof forming an opening for water to get through. Moss can also retain quite a lot of water so when this happens, it can lead to rotting of wood. A good way to limit moss growth is to sprinkle zinc sulphate granules on the roof periodically.

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