Elements for a Functional and Aesthetical Bathroom

A bathroom is a commonly used space in any house so it needs to have high functionality and aesthetics. If you have bought a house recently, the current design of the bathroom will not be up to your preferences. Also, the bathroom can be too small for the family. There are some elements that should be included in any bathroom to ensure the efficiency of the space. So you need to weigh the features of the existing bathroom against what is missing to decide whether to go for a bathroom renovation or not.

Many bathroom renovation companies like Hammer time Essendon have designers who will be able to pinpoint problem areas of the bathroom and come up with a solution to renovate or refurbish the space. The first thing you should do when evaluating your existing bathroom is to look at the space planning. Where are the dry areas and wet areas located? For practical purposes, dry areas should be located near the entry and wet areas should be located further away. This will minimise tripping or slipping hazards. You need to look at the dimensions of the space and assess whether space has been utilised to its maximum. You need to think about circulation around the vital elements of the bathroom such as the sink, toilet and shower. Generally, the sink and toilet will be closest to the entry while the shower will be left at the end. There should be sufficient space around the toilet to access items whether it is a bidet spray or a toilet roll and there should be sufficient space at the sink to keep your essentials.

Once the functionality of the space has been assessed, you need to look at the aesthetics of the bathroom as well. You need to consider what you want to see first when you open the door. A well placed vanity with a mirror will look best and will not affect the view from other rooms as well. The toilet and shower can be hidden for privacy. You can also use lighting as a decorative element. You can have LED strips around the mirror or below the vanity to give a soft glow and elevate the space. But you should also have sufficient task lighting that is bright enough to carry out applying makeup, shaving a beard etc. easily. You can have the option of using different lights as you wish depending on the activity so you need to have several dedicated switches. Generally, switches will be placed outside the bathroom for safety reasons.

You need to look at feature walls or areas to accent. You can do this by adding a mosaic wall or a different colour tile. When it comes to the tiles that you use for the majority of the floor and wall, you need to think about the size of the tile. When you use larger tiles with fewer seams, it can give the impression of more space. The same can be done when you use lighter colours as opposed to darker colours. The shower is where most of the dirt will accumulate so you can think about using a darker colour there. You also need to think about how much storage to keep in the bathroom. You can concentrate more storage near the vanity as that will be the area you will be using most of the items.

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