Purchasing High Efficiency Solar Panels

Determining a solar panel’s efficiency is detected by the amount of sunlight that the solar panel’s surface received and successfully converted into power. Let’s say a solar panel has a high efficiency rate of 20%. All those 20% of the sun’s rays is effectively converted into solar energy with other variables positively or negatively impacting the conversion such as the composition of the cell, amount of sunlight exposure, size and positioning of the panels, etc.

Since its inception, the efficiency of solar panels has grown significantly because of the continuous development in the industry. A common size panel’s power rating is now at 370W from 250W previously.

How Efficient the Cells Are?

From 15% efficiency in the past, most solar panels are now 20% efficient. This might seem like a low number but in actuality, this efficiency rate is more than enough to supply power to majority of commercial establishments and residential buildings. Since the technology for solar power is still continuously developing, studies have concluded that this efficiency rate will still continue to rise in the near foreseeable future.

The efficiency of the best solar panels Canberra manufactured sometimes even exceed the set 20% efficiency rate, with others even nearing 23%. Although these solar panels are at the expensive rate. It’s important to keep in mind that more expensive panels with higher efficiency is not necessary if your energy needs are not that extreme.

How Different Brands Affect Efficiency

Not two solar panels are alike. For example, two panels of the same size are situated side by side and are both receiving the same amount of sunlight for the same period of time. But one of them only has a 14% efficiency rate while the other has 20%. With this difference, the solar panel with 20% efficiency will generate more kilowatt-hours (kWh) than the 14% in spite of the panels being exposed to the same amount of solar energy.

If you will be relying more on the energy that the solar panels will produce, you have to invest on a more expensive panel with a higher efficiency rate to save more on your electricity bill and to maximize the return of your investment on these panels.

How To Ensure Efficiency

The cost of the solar panels it not the only way to determine their efficiency since a lot of manufacturers are now able to offer solar panels at a more affordable rate without sacrificing the efficiency rate. But if the solar panels you are interested in is really pricey, calculate first the savings you would incur against the initial cost and if the shelf life of the panels justifies the difference in price from other less efficient solar panels.

Another consideration to ensure efficiency is roof space. If you don’t have enough roof space, the space might only allow you 3-4 solar panels. Availing of highly efficient solar panels would provide you with the largest amount of sustainable energy even if you only have few solar panels installed.

There are numerous factors on determining the efficiency of solar panels and if you are thinking of going solar, you need to do your research beforehand like determining how much electricity you consume in a month and the amount of sunlight your roof typically gets in a day. Armed with this information, it will be easier for you to know how many panels you will need to power your house if you will depend solely on solar energy.

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