Five Easy Steps to Start Your Own Garden

Have you ever wanted your own vegetable garden that you could walk up to and pick vegetables for your lunch? Or even a flower garden for you to lounge peacefully in the evening? Gardening can bring you so much joy and even be therapeutic at times. However, it’s not as easy as just planting a tree and watering it. If you’ve ever wanted to turn a portion of your yard into a garden but have no idea where to begin the following are a few tips to guide you through the basics of gardening.

Choose What to Grow

The first step is to decide on what you want to grow. It can either be vegetables, fruits, flowers or herbs. Take into account your objective for the garden. There’s no reason you can’t have a mix of these, for example, a vegetable and flower garden. However, keep in mind that vegetables and fruits take a lot more maintenance than flowers or herbs. It may be a good idea to start with one type of crop and then expand from there, especially since you’re a beginner in gardening. Check with your neighbours or professional gardeners on which plants will withstand the climate and weather conditions in whichever area you reside in before you make your selection

Pick Where to Grow

After you’ve chosen what you want to grow, the next step is to pick where you’re going to plant them in your garden. The area of the land depends on how many plants you’re going to plant and which way you’ve planned to plant them. Almost all plants will do well in rich soil and good sunlight. If there’s originally a place with excellent soil in your garden it’s advisable to pick that plot of land to be your gardening spot. There are exceptions to these rules please make sure to check which type of environment your plants grow better in.

Invest In Gardening Supplies

You can’t start gardening with just any old rake. If you’re serious about gardening, there a few gardening tools that will serve you well to invest in. The most basic tools would be the shovel and the spade for you to get started on your digging. A tiller would come useful if you need to plough the land you’re growing in. Next would be compost, mulch and any other fertilizer to help the plants grow better. Also invest in a water can or a water hose and some gloves. A lawn mower may come in handy in the event you have to keep Jim’s mowing of your garden in order.

Prepping the Soil

Now that you’ve assembled the required gardening tools you can start preparing the soil for your plants. Use your tools to make the soil lose and rid it of any large clumps. Make sure you take out rocks or other materials that may hinder the growth of your plants. Add compost and fertilizer to the newly tilled soil and get it ready. Don’t add too much fertilizer as it can be harmful to the plants.

Plant and Foster

You’re at the final step and you’re almost a fully accomplished gardener. All that’s left to do is to plant your flowers or vegetables carefully in the soil according to the way you’ve decided on. That’s not all however. If you leave the plants just sitting they are sure to die. To see the harvest of your hard efforts you need to take caution to water and fertilize your plants properly as well as to protect them from weeds and pests.

Gardening can be an exhausting job to follow through on but nevertheless it’s a very rewarding one. For more information on gardening do a more thorough research on the matter.

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