Tips to Create A Rooftop Garden

Are you someone who has committed to an apartment in the middle of the city but deep inside is someone who adores nature? Are you someone who’d love to live in the countryside but because of other obligations that’s something you’re unable to accomplish? Is your apartment feeling a little too clinical and stuffy? Well, not to worry. There’s something you can do to associate more with the part that’s yearning to be around nature. It’s a simple matter of converting your rooftop or balcony into a garden. To help you understand better how to achieve this, we have come up with the following points.

Design Carefully

Once you really get into the idea of having a garden you might get carried away a little bit. Before that happens make sure have a design in place for your garden. A theme perhaps or colour schemes so that you can coordinate flowers and other plants you want to grow. Unless of course you want your rooftop garden to represent the wilderness as much as possible then go haphazard to your heart’s content. However, a design is recommended as your space will be limited and once done it’ll prove to be quite messy to uproot and replant.


Feeling the grass beneath your feet and feeling the sun on your skin is one of the main things people enjoy about being up and about outside. While you will have no problem feeling the sun on your skin growing grass on your rooftop is not at all ideal and neither is it by any means easy. However, visit here for the option of synthetic grass to replace actual grass but nevertheless provide you with the same blissful feeling.

Plant Beds

If you’re looking to have your rooftop converted to a garden the first thing to do is invest in some plant beds. Try and make them about several feet deep in order for the roots of plants to grow comfortably. This of course also depends on the type of tree you’re looking to plant however it’s better to be safe than sorry as your plants will suffer the consequences of not having enough room to grow. Make sure you line the beds with barriers and waterproof material in order to make sure you don’t face any unfortunate accidents like protruding roots from the ceiling while you’re trying to have breakfast in your home below.

Invest in Tall, Thin Plants

If you want your rooftop garden to resemble an actual garden as much as possible it’s a good idea to invest in plants that are thin and will grow to be reasonably tall. You’ll be able to plant several of these together and once grown you’ll be able to have a group of trees right on your rooftop.

Hanging Plants

Another good way to decorate your rooftop garden with more plants is to put your efforts into having some of the plants on your rooftop hung on railings or other nooks and crannies. This will add more volume in terms of plants and an ideal place to have some shrubs or small flower plants.

If you’re looking to convert your rooftop into a garden these are a few pointers you can use for guidance. For more information on the matter please conduct a more thorough research.

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