What Kitchen Equipment Does a Restaurant Need?

We all have had different dreams we have wanted to achieve since we were kids, some of them completely practical and some so out of the blue achieving them would be the coolest thing yet. While some of us have been lucky to achieve all our dreams and ambitions the others not so much.

However, if you have ever had the dream to open up your own restaurant this one is for you. Opening up an eatery is no easy task, there is a lot to consider and many practical problems that you will have to encounter.

However, nothing is impossible. If you have got your restaurant plan off the ground and are now wondering what equipment you need, we are here to help you out. Here is a list of kitchen equipment you will need in order to open a restaurant.

Cutlery and crockery

Regardless of the vibe you want to set for your restaurant, you will still need loads of cutlery and crockery. It may however not have to porcelain or stainless steel. Many restaurants these days are trying to find new sustainable ways such as using eco-friendly packaging, wooden spoons and forks and even paper straws.

Either way whichever one you choose to use you will need a steady flow of them. if you are choosing eco-friendly crockery, you might actually have a higher cost as it will have to be replaced more frequently than porcelain or ceramic. Since you are just starting out, it is best to find the least cost method and later improve on how to make your restaurant more environmentally friendly.


If you thought that one person washes every cup and saucer that is used in the kitchen then you are probably wrong. Restaurants these days all use industrial dishwashers. They can hold a large number of dishes and are an ideal choice as many dishes can be washed together.

It saves on water consumption and can be used with ease. However just like any other piece of equipment it will needed to be serviced and repaired once it has been used. So, if you are looking for Industrial dishwasher repairs in Sydney try out National Appliance repairs to see what services they can offer you.

Food processors

If you were running a bakery then one of the most used kitchen appliances would be a beater for the dough and other bakery items. However, this fully depends on the type of restaurant you run.

Food processors, blenders and any type of equipment needed to cook food will have to be invested in. there are places to get industrial size equipment to ensure large quantities can be made faster.


This again depends on the style and quantity that your restaurant will be making. Either way pans are a must. You will need many of these with different shapes and sizes. For something such as pans it is best to consult an experienced Chef as they will know which ones are necessary.

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