Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Display Home

If you are looking for a new home, there are many options in the market to consider. You can either build a new house from scratch or purchase an already designed house. There are pros and cons to both options. In this article, we are discussing display homes which are used to demonstrate the design concept of the home builder as well as their technical expertise in construction.

Display homes are known for the superior quality of construction and finish for the fittings and fixtures used. You can get a look at the finishes of the building by visiting display homes in Queensland. These display homes are used to show potential customers the finish they can expect from the builder. They will have used extra care when building the home as it is used for marketing purposes. Also, these homes are maintained regularly with routine cleanings to ensure that it looks their best for any potential customer. Most of the time, display homes are clustered together and you will be able to see a street that is lined with exceptionally crafted display homes. Your neighbourhood will look beautiful and uniform in its aesthetic.

If you are not in a hurry to move into the house, you can rent out the display home to the builder after you purchase. This rental can happen for a specified time when the builder is still constructing homes in the area so that it can still be used as a display home for potential customers. You can discuss with the builder the duration which the building will be given for rent. The rental rate can be higher than the normal rates. This way you can earn an amount from your new home initially that you can use later, to pay for furniture, fittings etc. You can also inquire about purchasing furniture that has previously been displayed. Sometimes these can be purchased at a discounted price which will reduce your furnishing cost considerably. Therefore, this is a good investment for anybody. You will be able to save on property management fees as well.

When building a new home, the stamp duty is only for the price of the land because there is nothing constructed on it. But when you are buying a display home, you will need to pay stamp duty for the value of the house as well as the land. You need to look at the number of rooms and the layout of the display home before the purchase as you will not be able to personalise it fully when compared to the freedom you have when building a home. You can check the website of the home builder to see the different designs and layouts available for the designer homes to see if there is anything that caters to your requirements. A lot of the design decisions in a display home will have already been made. Also, you will not have a big say when it comes to the location. Usually, display homes will be built closer to the main roads so that potential buyers can easily access them. You have to see if this is favourable to you.

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