Sustainable Living House

A joint initiative between Alice Solar City and Desert Smart COOLmob, this private home had over 18 energy and water saving devices installed and was opened to the public as a display of energy and water efficiency in action.

Take the online tour

The Sustainable Living House is now available as a virtual online tour, so you can still experience first hand the sorts of measures you can undertake in your own home to save energy. It includes video and audio of all the measures installed at the house. Start the tour here

Details of the house

Interested in more details on the Sustainable Living House project? Download the project final report from our reports page.

Energy efficient measures included installation of an external skin and adjustable shading, solar hot water, solar power, LED lighting,energy efficient appliances and an LCD energy use display showing energy generation and consumption.  You can read about these here.

Close to 1300 people visited the house during the 12 regular Open Days between September 2009 until its final open day in September 2011.

Self-guided tours gave visitors an insight into the latest energy and water saving technology.  You can download a copy of the guide booklet here.

The Sustainable Living House project was designed to :

  • Undertake an energy make-over of an ‘average’ Alice Springs home to take the house from being an energy ‘poor’ house to become an “Energy Champion’.
  • Provide for a demonstration home for members of the public to ‘touch and feel’ the energy and water efficiency measures and observe their benefits and encourage them to initative these measures in their own homes.

In early 2009 Alice Solar City in conjunction with Desert Smart COOLmob, went on the search for a household to become a public showcase for sustainable living.

More than 60 entries were received from the community with six being shortlisted before the final property was chosen. The owner occupier who owns the the Sustainable Living House purchased the property in 2007 and had been working to make the home more sustainable.

See our photo gallery of the house showing the transformation from a standard former housing commission house to the Sustainable Living House here.